Initial Triage Consulting

Our role is to educate you at the onset of your wedding planning process to help you avoid pitfalls. The consultation is three hours and you will fill out a questionnaire in advance of our meeting. Every engaged couple dreams of being Cinderella and Prince Charming at the Ball but the roadmap to achieving bliss is elusive and there is a steep learning curve. Depending on whether you opt for an all inclusive or an a la carte wedding, planning can be a full time job and SOMEONE has to do it. Even if the time commitment ends up being just weekend warrior hours, who ever is at the helm needs to be empowered and prepared in advance with a blue print and game plan to maximize your time, money and energy. Whether you are a DIY couple or thinking of enlisting your fiance, family, friends or a full time event planner, we help you manage expectations, priorities, communications and your budget so that your year ahead is a joyful and exciting experience rather than a stressful and excessively expensive experience that also taxes your emotions and your relationships. Don't delay or you will require a battle plan instead of a game plan! Includes a $10 per hour discount on private wedding dance lessons.



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