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Get Married TV'sBridal Blog
April 6, 2010 blog entry by Amy Chung

A He Said/She Said Series and a blow by blow account of all of their wedding dance lessons with The Wedding Dance Specialists.

Here is an exerpt of their last lesson account. For the full story check out their blog!

Our final dance lesson proved difficult at first… but mostly b/c i was so tired and had spent the day earlier at the Weddzilla Flash Mob and the day before preparing for it… But within minutes, Deborah’s contagiously fun personality infused a new sense of energy and I was ready to rock and roll… LOL

One of the most helpful things that FH and I did for our last and final Wedding Dance lesson was practicing the week before. In all honesty, the time we spent alone discussing our ideas about the dance lesson, figuring out the best way to communicate silently on the dance floor and when and where certain things are or are not effective – really got us on the same page for our last lesson. The extra time we put in gave us a familiarity that partners need when dancing to feel and sense each other’s movements without actually touching aside from the proper positioning of hands/arms/etc…

So this last lesson was our finalization… incorporating our final last touches and trying to smooth out any glitches. We ran through it and I even wore the crinoline to help us get the feeling of dancing with a big poof ball in the way… and YES we did get pics of this… check it out!

This is how we are to bow to our audience…