Choosing The Perfect Planner for YOU!

For the client who wants an initial consultation, consider an event consultant. An event consultant will be your triage consultant, prioritizing your ideas and game plan. The consultant will meet with you for 3 sessions to specifically review and narrow your plans, wedding design, budget review, and connect you with the best vendors in the Virginia area. The event consultant helps to bring innovative ideas while acting as your temporary assistant.
Event Coordinator
For the client who has planned their event  but require assistance with executing final preparations, consider an event coordinator. The event coordinator will provide you withmonth of and day of coordination to assist with completing the final details, initiating services 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Think of the event coordinator as the person who “ties up loose ends” while ensuring the event remains as scheduled.
Event Planner
For the client who does not have time or would like a full-time advisor to assist with stress reduction, consider an event planner. The event planner provides comprehensive assistance from the initial concept of the event through the very end. The event planner is the total package - your rainmaker, fairy godmother and ultimate stress reducer.  
Although there is not a wide-spread agreement on the terminology, review the responsibilities to determine how you would like your coach/advisor to assist you.
Event TaskEvent ConsultantEvent PlannerEvent Coordinator
Event Task Event Consultant Event Planner Event Coordinator
Wedding Design -
Wedding Checklist -
Budget Review & Budget Management -
Vendor Referral -
Ceremony & Reception Venue Selection Assistance/Site Visits - -
Food and Beverage Selection - -
Floor Plan - -
Etiquette - -
Review all contracts with wedding professionals -
Style, design and wording of invitations - -
Seating chart & RSVP Tracking - -
Rehearsal Coordination & Ceremony Coordination -
Reception Coordination -
Wedding Day Itinerary Construction -
Assist with vendor pay -
Maintain timing of event -